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Morning always comes
asylum challenge sorta 
11th-Mar-2013 01:57 am
Rocky Horror: Frank N. Furter
So I got the sims vs windows 8 thing more or less sorted out thanks to the help of some of you very lovely, helpful people. In the wake of that, I decided to try an asylum challenge because I have never done one and I wanted to try something different. No title card because I'm the laziest lazy ever. So here are some

I had a whole load of pictures from the very beginning and they had cute stuff like relationship development and the like and stats and proper introduction shots but then I checked my folder, and 70 shots later, I had been screencapping my desktop the whole time. So after a lot of raging I decided to just go on with the challenge and see what I could scrape together. So the headshots don't match and this whole thing is really disjointed but I am persevering anyway.
Also no tour because I'm a terrible sim house builder (and regular house builder as well I'd imagine) and my decorating strategy involves clicking on random things and putting them in probably the worst possible place for them, banging my head on the desk and redoing everything four times. Onward to the inmates and their uninspired backstories.

Polly Danforth. Nobody is really sure why Polly is here and neither is anybody really able to work up the nerve to question her about it (wisely so).

Blume Ugry is here because she insists on telling everybody that she meets that is the granddaughter of an ugly one-eyed troll. Nobody believes her, because she clearly has two eyes and does not live on the Darkspear isles under a bridge.

Peregrine Menethil is a victim of the strong anti-alien sentiment in Thousand Needles. Even though he has argued that he is only half alien, and though he is as dangerous as an asthmatic kitten (also as cuddly), he was committed in the end. (Peregrine is made-over and much improved version of the Manly Man Person Below me I did for simmytizzy forever ago.)

Ferne Pierce will tell you that there are many more like her where she comes from. But she won't tell you exactly where that place is, which is a big part of her ending up here. Her razor sharp teeth and penchant for eating bugs were also deciding factors.

Varian Pangborn is in little to no clothing in 99% of these photos. Varian is here after the nervous breakdown he suffered when his parents deleted his World of Warcraft account.

Emily Quant was brought to the asylum after an especially prolonged period of not sleeping. Prone to sleepwalking on the rare occasions when she does manage to fall asleep, her family and friends decided this was likely the best place for her.

Anderson Piper committed himself after reading a certain "vampire" series and realizing that he, too, had golden eyes and was impossibly good looking, and thusly must also be a vampire. Concerned for the safety of those around him, he shipped himself off to Thousand Needles, and nobody really cared enough to argue with him.

And finally, our fearless leader and caretaker, Theodora Desjardin. Dora, as she is known, was a seemingly mild mannered biology student in University, but upon graduation, took an interest in more "interesting experiments." Fantasizing of becoming a mad scientist, when Dora spotted an ad looking for a caretaker for an old house turned asylum in the middle of nowhere with seven test subjects inmates, she seized the opportunity.

and now we have shots from about three or four days into the whole thing. Dora has found a job in the science career and is several promotions into it. It would really help if my first 70 screencaps hadn't been lost.

One of the few times Varian will be photographed full clothed. Yes, karaoke machine. This asylum believes in healing through the arts~

Our first couple.
Blume: :| why not me

Blume: floor hot dogs are a troll delicacy.
Also Anderson has a bald spot /o\

You would think he would be happy, as he is a romance sim, but no, Anderson is the first to really start losing it.
Varian: This has been a pleasant dining experience. ++

Polly: At first I was afraid, I was petrified...

Installing a new game makes it easy to forget the no-censor blur hack thingy.

The exercise bike becomes Emily's favorite thing (Emily is kind of my favorite thing).

Broken windows let lots of bugs in. Thusly, Ferne is pleased.

Aforementioned sharp teeth. Also Ferne reminds me of this.

Emily proceeds to worry me very much.

She's still starving. ;~; Inappropriate reaction, fellow inmates.

She did find some food. Sort of.
Anderson: *aspiration failures*

Peregrine: *smugly breaks the fourth wall*
At least Emily appears to be over her insomnia?

I'm less concerned about Polly's dance with death (also I need to somehow stop myself from putting those Io brows on every sim I create).

Blume: This has been a pleasant dining experience. ++

Emily is still asleep. Anderson is still in aspiration failure. And Blume has a crush on Peregrine. :'(

Anderson: Congratulations on having friends!

Dora studies cleaning monsters for work.

This is a very frequent occurance.

Anderson: I want to woohoo e-e-e-eveeeryyyybodddyyyy. ;~;

Emily: So when can we start packing?
Since your caretakerr is eating rotten food and sitting in a puddle of pee (and she is the one I have control of), I wouldn't start counting the days quite yet.

This is my fitness hobby person.

FHP: Why is everybody here dressed so weird?

Four for you Polly Danforth.

Favorite. (also my photo-editing is inconsistent and weird. Maybe next time will be better. Probably not.)

They make autonomously make shrimp gumbo for themselves for every meal.

Also this is a thing which pleases me greatly.

This is not shrimp gumbo because I purposefully had Dora make something else.

Also my favorite.

Anderson wants to dance with somebody (who loves him).

Emily: That was a terrible reference and you should be ashamed of yourself.
I know.

I felt bad for Blume seeing as she gets no love from anybody and has wanted to go jogging basically the entire time she has been in the asylum. So I sent her off and this zombie townie I made showed up.

FYI: The zombie's name is Lori.

Ferne: Being in an insane asylum makes me extremely unhappy!

Ferne also isn't getting loving from anybody. :(

(After zombie-Lori left to haunt her husband or something, Magenta Fritter (sixtylilies but you all should know that already) walked by but Dora was at work. /o\

Then I got really bored and started giving them makeovers (Bad photo-editing 2: Son of Bad photo-editing).

See above.

I like Blume better this way. Also the jog made her very happy.

Polly's make-over.

Peregrine: We need a TV. I haven't seen The Walking Dead in weeks. >:[

and that is abruptly where this round ends. My feelings about this entry can be summed up thusly:

k bye.
11th-Mar-2013 12:57 pm (UTC)
Aww Emily and Theodora were my favorites and what do you know! OTP in the making~

Also what a great asylum start! Love the new makeovers and the Sims and cannot wait for more!

+100000000 for the Lana GIF ;)
11th-Mar-2013 06:48 pm (UTC)
They are my favorites too! I'm glad ACR threw them together. :3

Thank you! This is actually as far as I've played but I will post more soon.

I knew you would appreciate Lana-related things! :D
11th-Mar-2013 09:55 pm (UTC)
Hahaha Now how would you have guessed that? Am I that obvious?

12th-Mar-2013 05:47 am (UTC)
Ha! No, I just know you have excellent music taste. :)
12th-Mar-2013 12:10 am (UTC)
I found that amusing, and your game is so pretty! I love the way everything is decorated. Also, it is crazy how much a make-over can change a sim!
12th-Mar-2013 05:48 am (UTC)
Thank you, I'm glad it was amusing!

It really is amazing, Polly especially looks like a totally different sim.

Thank you for reading! :)
31st-Mar-2013 04:31 pm (UTC)
8D Asylum! Cute decorating! Landscaping! Magenta! UNICORN SHIRT!!

Essentially this is awesome more pls

(seriously though your Magenta makeover is so pretty wow)
6th-Apr-2013 02:35 am (UTC)
whee! yes, more soon! i really want to play more but i just started working again after being out of work for two months and i feel like i have no energy for anything at the moment also probably due to ill health atm but i am off three days this week so i will post more soon hopefully and i am rambling, hi.

thank you! i was going to put her in the hair you had her in but then i was clicking through and i found that hair instead and i thought it suited her really well. i want her to show up on a lot where sims are actually able to go greet her and she can be their friend/breeding partner.
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