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Morning always comes
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11th-Mar-2013 01:57 am - asylum challenge sorta
Rocky Horror: Frank N. Furter
So I got the sims vs windows 8 thing more or less sorted out thanks to the help of some of you very lovely, helpful people. In the wake of that, I decided to try an asylum challenge because I have never done one and I wanted to try something different. No title card because I'm the laziest lazy ever. So here are some pictures.Collapse )
3rd-Feb-2013 01:53 pm - I am alive
Oz: Head
I have not posted here in a very long time. So I got a new computer and it is v. fast and it has a good graphics card and power supply and yada yada. however! Once I got it all set up I discovered Windows 8 and none of the sims games apparently like each other. TS2 supposedly won't install at all (I haven't tried) and I am extremely unhappy about this as I was really actually looking forward to starting from scratch with a fresh game. And they say TS3 runs quite slowly on Windows 8 as well. Barring any of my lovely LiveJournal friends knowing something about how to get it working correctly, I guess I'll just keep eating cannoli ice cream and playing WoW. :[
2nd-Jul-2011 03:29 pm(no subject)
Lion King: simba wtf?
I just spent three hours sitting in a parking lot in the Las Vegas summer heat (109 degrees!) waiting for a ride home because my car started pouring smoke from the vents and under the hood. Bleh.

Also, I stole this meme from stakeit_uk. I've done it before but I like it, so.

Step 1: Put your iPod/iTunes on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song or artist the lines come from.
Step 4:Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

guess...Collapse )
4th-Jun-2011 03:27 pm - Glockenspiel Resclera'd
Rocky Horror: Frank N. Furter
As I mentioned in my last post, I am a massively huge fan of Pooklet's recolors of Simrenity's Hi-Res eyes and have been for a while now. But the sclera is prone to gappy black bits, and so I put them on alfredaskew's sclera, which is not prone to gappy black bits. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and it took a full day of button smashing and frustration and wrestling photoshop into submission (seriously, we aren't on speaking terms at the moment), I did it and decided to share them. These are the first pieces of CC I have ever finished/shared so be gentle with me!

Read more...Collapse )

That's that.
2nd-Jun-2011 05:43 pm - I made some things
Misc: Weird
The awesome alfredaskew asked for some zombies for her cool zombie apocalypse hood. And there are few things that rouse my interest more than zombies and zombie apocalypses. Thusly, I rose to the challenge (and hopefully met it), and I have a zombie to share as a result.

Read more...Collapse )

He is packaged in basegame content, but I unthinkingly packaged him in zombie default skin, so install with Clean Installer, especially if you don't have the Uni EP. Clean Installer should be a given though, anyway.
In these pictures, he is wearing Ghanima's super cool Fallout Ghoul skin.

Download Gilbert Sullivan, zombie scientist.

Also, unrelated to zombies but not quite unrelated to alfredaskew, I successfully made some custom content, for the first time ever. Basically, Pooklet's Glockenspiel eye set has been a favorite of mine almost since I started downloading CC, but the sclera was a little too shaded for my tastes. Alfi draws beautiful things, in case you didn't know, and released some sweet eyes of her own. I dig her sclera, because it's realistic without gappy bits. So, I took it upon myself to mash up my two favorite sim eye related things, and after a full day of reading tutorials and wrestling photoshop into submission, I have results.

they look like thisCollapse )

Anywho, thanks for reading this super long rambling all over the place post!
11th-May-2011 09:28 pm - This is probably a stupid question...
Rocky Horror: Frank N. Furter
I have previously made default eyes just fine using this tutorial. It worked like a charm. And I came across a request at GoS, and figured I could actually help with something for once.

But, awhile back I had to reformat my computer. Now, I am trying to download the DDS utilites from the links given, but they all lead nowhere. Where do I get them from, now?

Nevermind, I was linked to the right thing. I think. I feel silly.
7th-Apr-2011 08:10 pm - Music Meme
Rocky Horror: Frank N. Furter
I hate to be a nagging nagger that nags, but if you missed this entry please read it. In the meantime, here is a meme from simgarooop

Check the bands you’ve HEARD OF. Not just the ones you like. Be honest people!
If you really have never heard of them. Don’t mark it. it just makes you look fake.

Read more...Collapse )
Multiply your TOTAL by 2.
Then Re-post this as:
I am 190% obsessed with music. (wow)

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that for most of these bands that I checked off (excluding the metal, that's all thanks to Guitar Hero), I have at least one of their works on my iPod (there are almost 3100 songs on there ranging back to my freshman year of highschool, and I'm now in my third year of college, so there was a wide range of musical tastes in the middle).

Also, I have never heard of a band called "Behemoth," but thanks to reading the Book of Job in English 231, I can tell you that it refers to a hippo!
5th-Apr-2011 06:59 pm - please please please read
Misc: sad cupcakes
this is not sims related, but I know I have several animal loving LJ friends here, and I would like to bring this to the attention of as many people as I can.

this is about a dog in ireland who is companion to a little girl with medical conditions and was taken away from the family based on the fact that he is deemed a "dangerous breed" and is being kept in inhumane shelter conditions, slated to be put to sleep.


please take the time out of your day and read the article and sign the petition if any of you are so inclined. it only takes a few minutes. I honestly got choked up reading this. I love my dogs so much, and imagining my life without them, especially if I was a sick little girl, is enough to make me cry on its own. and do not even get me started on breed bans.

thank any of you readers for your time, and please share this if you are so moved.
31st-Mar-2011 04:37 pm - guess what i did?
Rocky Horror: Frank N. Furter
I actually played the sims. Weird, right? Definitely less likely than you'd think.

picturesCollapse )

Yep. That's all I've got.
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